Whether you have a few backyard layers or a flock of showbirds we have poultry feed and supplies to suit your needs. 


All you need for: 

  • Baby Chickens 
  • Point of Lay Hens/ Chooks/ Laying Hens 
  • Ducks 
  • Geese
  • Quail

Norco Stockfeeds

  • Norco Fine Layer Mash 
  • Norco Coarse Layer Mash
  • Norco Poultry Grain Mix
  • Norco Layer Pellets with Maize

Laucke Mills

  • Red Hen Layer
  • Red Hen Free Range Layer
  • Red Hen 17 Premium Layer
  • Showbird Breeder MP
  • Gamebird Starter
  • Gamebird Breeder
  • Gamebird Finisher MP
  • Gamebird Maintenance MP

Riverina Stockfeeds

  • Red Label Laying Pellets
  • V5 Grain Mix
  • Cracked Corn
  • Wheat
  • Black Sunflowers

Jenco Feeds

  • Jenco 16% Coarse Mash
  • Jenco 18% Fine Mash

Country Heritage Feeds

  • Certified Organic Coarse Soy Free Layer